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Is it easy to connect to my existing call system (nurse call)?

IQfy guarantees you that the IQcare system can be connected safely and easily to any call system. We can currently ensure that over 170 different combinations of call systems and years of manufacture work perfectly. To date, over 30,000 systems have been reliably put into operation.

Do the mattresses also fit in our beds?

The IQcare mattress fits every bed and every bed manufacturer and year of construction.

The mattress is available in the following sizes:

87 x 200 x 12 and 14 cm

90 x 200 x 12 and 14 cm

100 X 200 x 12 and 14 cm

Can the evacuation cover also be used with my existing mattress?

Yes, the IQcare evacuation cover fits all other mattress brands and can be easily retrofitted.

The IQcare evacuation cover replaces the old familiar ones
Evacuation sheets that slip and get stuck in the bed frame every time the bed is made.

How long is the range of the radio signal?

The radio signal can be received in closed rooms up to a distance of approx. 35 m. The range depends on the building structure.

Without obstacles, the radio signal extends up to approx. 400 m.

Does the radio signal possibly cause interference to electrical devices?

The radio signal transmits on a strictly protected frequency. The
Ecologinstut (Switzerland) has tested and approved the IQcare technology according to the world's strictest regulations. There isn't any
Impairments and possible disruptions, for example of cardiac pacemakers
and vital aids. The radiation exposure is 100 times lower than that of a light switch.

Radio approval of the IQcare radio modules
You can find the overview of the IQfy radio approval (PDF) here.

ISO certifications
IQFY maintains a certified quality management system (ISO 9001) and environmental management system (ISO 14001) and is therefore compliant with the requirements of the standards.

Does the use of IQcare have to be approved by a court order? Is the use of IQcare assistance systems considered a deprivation of liberty?

The use does not require approval. IQcare is not considered a measure involving deprivation of liberty.

See legal certainty when using IQcare.

How safe is the use of the IQCare assistance system?

The IQcare assistance system in the DEKU3 care mattress can be used safely with a body weight of approx. 40 kg to 130 kg. The IQcare assistance system uses up to six sensors and distributes them evenly throughout the mattress so that the entire mattress can be safely covered.

In nursing homes that use IQcare, the number of falls has been reduced by an average of over 80%.

Are there follow-up costs?

The IQcare technology is maintenance-free. Because there are no batteries
If there are any that need to be replaced, there are no follow-up costs.

The IQcare assistance system is therefore particularly sustainable, safe, environmentally friendly and economical.

If the SAFEhome GSM module is used for home care, there are costs for using the mobile network (see SAFEhome GSM module product page).

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