Comparison of our reporting systems

for home emergency calls in the private sector (prices shown are private customer prices)

How far apart can those in need of care and relatives be from each other?

  • You are in the same building or up to 40m as the crow flies from the person in need of care (usual reception area of ​​the mobile receiver).

  • You also move outside the house. The only requirement is that you have a telephone connection or a mobile phone/smartphone available.

How many IQcare sensors can I train in the receiver?

  • Only one or a few sensors are used. For example, a SEKI sensor seat cushion.

  • Normally, several sensors are used at the same time, for example a SEKI sensor seat cushion, two NOBU emergency call buttons and a SESY bed escape system.

This is how the solution works

  • The NAVI GO mobile receiver is linked to one or a few sensors.
    The mobile receiver can be conveniently plugged into any socket in the house and provides an alarm with visual and acoustic signals.

  • All desired sensors are trained individually.
    The central SAFEhome GSM modem receives messages from all IQcare sensors and forwards them to a desired channel.
    The alarm is sent via SMS, email or app regardless of location.