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Comfort and relief: DEKU3 mattress

The DEKU3 mattress from IQcare offers you the highest level of comfort and support for your residents. With its innovative 7-zone pressure relief technology and adjustable air circulation, it ensures an optimal lying position and reduces the risk of pressure sores. Thanks to the high-quality materials, easy cleaning and special insertion channels for IQcare sensors, the DEKU3 mattress is the best choice for a safe and hygienic care environment.

About the DEKU3 care mattress

Embedded intelligence for retrofitting

The battery- and cable-free sensors for the DEKU3 mattress, which can be retrofitted at any time, offer an intelligent bed surface for fall prevention and relief for staff. The sensors continuously monitor bed escape in order to detect bed exit at an early stage. With real-time notifications to your call system, appropriate measures can be taken to prevent falls. This relieves the burden on nursing staff and creates a safer environment for your residents. Embedded intelligence enables effective bed escape monitoring and helps improve patient safety.

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Einfache & intuitive Evakuierung

Unser wasserdichter & atmungsaktiver Evakuierungsbezug löst die Probleme der herkömmlichen Evakuierungstücher.
Einfach und sicher können die Bewohner mit den an den Seiten befestigten Gurten fixiert werden und mit den Tragegurten an Kopf- und Fußteil in Sicherheit gebracht werden.

  • Keine verhedderten Gurte im Bettgestell
  • Passend für alle gängigen Pflegematratzen
  • Waschbar bei 90°C
Preis für den Fachhandel auf Anfrage

Maintenance-free & wireless alarm at the push of a button

The battery-free and wireless emergency call button NOBU offers you several advantages.

1. The NOBU allows you to install easily as no wiring is required. This saves time and costs. You can use it anywhere.

2. It reduces the risk of falls because there are no cables lying around that your residents could trip over. This particularly increases safety in your care facility.

3. Damage to call system sockets is drastically minimized because the NOBU does not require any cables. This means less wear and tear and lower repair costs.

A significant increase in security – with significantly fewer patrols!

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A safe companion

The waterproof emergency call watch/chain offers a safe, inexpensive and user-friendly solution, even for people with disabilities. The protected emergency call buttons prevent false alarms. Compatibility with all IQfy radio receivers enables seamless integration into existing systems. Fast and reliable help can be requested without having to accept disruptions or delays. The watch has a hygienic plastic strap and the chain has strangulation protection.

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Flexible alarm even without a call system

The IQfy NAVI GO offers unique flexibility and reliability in inpatient care, regardless of the existing call system. For example, on terraces or lounges where connection to the call system is not possible. With this mobile radio receiver, seamless communication is possible anywhere. The flexibility of the IQfy NAVI GO allows nursing staff to always be available and respond quickly to requests. The reliability of the technology ensures safe and effective communication, helping to keep your residents safer and improve the quality of care. The IQfy NAVI GO offers you the greatest possible freedom when looking after your residents.

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More safety with automatic light switching

The IQfy “LINK” light package offers older people safety and makes the work of nursing staff easier. It can be seamlessly combined with all IQfy components. By automatically switching the light when you are in bed, it enables better orientation in the room and can therefore effectively prevent falls.

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Worry-free sitting with the SEKI seat cushion

The SEKI sensor seat cushion from IQfy offers flexible use anywhere for more comfort and safety. It is compatible with all IQfy radio receivers. The intelligent pillow continuously monitors pressure and reliably alerts nursing staff as soon as the pillow is relieved. Ideal for people with limited mobility and/or at risk of falling.

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