• Home care for relatives and friends

    Caring for relatives is a demanding task that is often accompanied by fear, especially if you are not close to them or notice possible accidents in time. IQcare offers innovative solutions to give you peace of mind that your loved ones are safe at home so you can enjoy your everyday life again without worries.
    Home emergency call | Care mattresses | Light control

    Home care with IQcare 
  • Inpatient care in retirement and nursing homes

    With IQcare you have a unique system that effectively supports you in everyday care. IQcare detects falls faster, reduces tours and ensures that your residents feel safe and comfortable. Relief for you and improved care for them.

    Alarm systems | Emergency call systems | Care mattresses | Evacuation benefits

    Inpatient care with IQcare 
  • building automation

    IQfy controls your electrical consumers and heating fully automatically. IQfy can be installed without any effort and is ready for use after just 15 minutes. The system itself is maintenance-free and has no follow-up costs, batteries or cables. Can be used flexibly, immediately reduces costs. The IQfy technology increases safety, comfort and has been proven to reduce energy costs by up to 40%.
    Heating control | Light control | Presence detection

    Building automation with IQfy 
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