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Bed escape set 1

Bed escape set 1

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1. Care mattress DEKU3

7-zone cold foam mattress in a 2-layer structure and patented lying surface

  • Lying surface: pressure-relieving cold foam with 7-zone pin hole for good ventilation including edge zone reinforcement
  • Mattress core with insertion channels for the IQcare SESY bed escape system. Can be easily retrofitted if necessary.
  • Supports and relieves pressure ulcer risk up to grade 3

Waterproof, breathable PU cover fabric

  • Washable up to 95°C
  • Certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Can be disinfected

Waterproof zipper

  • protects the mattress core from the penetration of body fluids
  • for optimal hygiene
  • maximum odor relief

Extra-soft fleece cover

  • Prevents the mattress cover from wrinkling
  • Additional pressure relief
  • Creates an excellent sleeping environment

Integrated slots to accommodate the SESY bed escape system

  • For retrofitting the optionally available SESY bed escape system

Class 1 medical device

  • Can be prescribed & MDR compliant
  • You can have our DEKU3 care mattress prescribed by your relative's doctor - be sure to speak to your health insurance company beforehand!
  • Resource number:

2. Mobile emergency call receiver NAVI GO


Use the mobile radio receiver NAVI GO for the IQcare emergency call or bed escape system. Easily placed in any socket, it provides an acoustic and visual alarm in the event of an emergency call or when someone leaves the bed/seat cushion. Reliable alarm for more safety in home care!

3. Sensor units SESY (3 / 5)

  • Retrofit system for the decubitus care mattress DEKU3
  • 3 sensors for detecting weights from approx. 55 kg
  • 5 sensors for detection from approx. 45 kg
  • Detection of bed occupancy across the entire lying area
  • Sensors in the shoulder and hip area
  • Works when the back is raised
  • No batteries, no cables, no maintenance, always ready to use

Reliable support

The sensors in the mattress precisely detect when you leave the bed, while normal sleep movements do not trigger an alarm. A message is sent immediately when you unload your weight and leave bed.

And that is how it works

Each mattress sensor contains a piezoelectric element that generates sufficient power through body pressure or relief. In this way, the sensor can pass on the information to the mobile receiver NAVI GO or the home emergency call SAFE home LTE/5G, which is used to trigger the alarm. The solution is completely maintenance-free, without batteries or cables.

Scope of delivery:

- Care mattress DEKU3
- Home emergency call NAVI GO
- 3/5 sensor units including a pair of insertion aids.

Function and commissioning:

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